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Tell you what I was ready for this place after the very heavy week of queen town and I never thought I would say this but lake tekapo had no internet, no phone signal, no alcohol and no buzzing town. These were all the things I just wanted to get away from so what a great place to be taken after queen town . It was simply breath taking and just the right place to wind down and be able to have a good night sleep for once

We really didn’t do to much here just enjoyed the views of the lake sat and thought about what a great time we had on our trip so fair . We also cooked a good meal because for sure we didn’t eat very well for the last weekend in queen town . By this point I had lost the great group of friends I had built up and made as we were all leaving at different times . So I had to make new friends using the same question that everyone hates when you are travelling .

Where are you from , where are you going , who are you with , why have you come out here. But it didn’t take long to meet new people , plus everyone was sharing story’s about what they have done in the last few weeks of there trip . This all we did here so let me show you some lovely photo of this place . Iam yet to find a bad spot in New Zealand Iam sure you will agree when you see how lovely these photo are .