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So after having a steady day of travelling stoping at some lovely spots on the way, we all had to find our room all the lads were quite lucky as we ended up in our own little flat were it had a tv loads of beds even a kitchen all in one room . Shame we didn’t really get time to use it all . But it was time for my surf lesson. Now I never thought that this was for me . But been with a group of lads I got caught up will it all and said why not let’s give it a go .

Guess what we had so much fun catching waves and yes I even got up on the board even if it was for a few seconds but it’s hard work to get to that stage and after two hours of been out on the water it was time to head back as it was getting dark. But It’s a must do if anyone get the chance to do it. There is know better place to do it then New Zealand it so wonderfully and every where you look it a postcard photo . It’s such a shame I didn’t have any photo of me surfing but a good reason for me to give it another crack at some point .

So after a very quick shower it was time to hit the beach for then bonfire party . Now by this time you really had made a great group of mates so it was just like been back at home . Having a wonderfully time everyone sat around the fire eating hot dogs and singing songs as there always one guy who brings his guitar . But it wasn’t me but it’s was great to see everyone having a drink and just singing along !

I think the fire on the beach just made it for some people and people where just having a great time ! We had to leave the beach by 10 pm as the bus driver hours were just about up but this is just where the party started . As we got on to the bus the tunes were been smashed out and everyone was having a great time singing a long to all the good songs

So let’s just say the party carried on back at the locally bar and it see everyone was having a great night even thought we had another early start on the cards tomorrow ! It’s such a same they didn’t tell use how great this place really was !. For sure we would of stay longer if we new it was going to be a great place to surf and just chill out and take in the lovely south Ireland . You seem to do so much in a day it’s unreally