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After getting up at 6 am to get this ferry and then been delayed for 3 hours on the ferry people found this the best time to crash out on the floor of the ferry and catch up on the sleep the had lost out on from partying hard at Wellington as it had been a full on time in the city .

We all had lots of fun and maybe it was for the best that the took use to some were more quite as we hit the south Ireland and what a change you can see in the Ireland this is even more of a wonderful place to the north .

It’s even more greener and with even less people living her it’s the place to be as so much of it has been untouched by use humans . I could beat on how wonderfully how this place is , but even photo don’t even come close to see it. All you people who are sat a at thinking this is lovely . Do something right in your live and make that short journey over her. Believe you will thank me in time when you have seen it all and it shows you what England could of been like it we didn’t have loads of people.

We arrived very late at kaiteriter iam talking about 7.00 so we didn’t get offerd much to do and as we been sitting around all day the boys thought it would be great to have a kick around on the beach till the sun went down . I would just like to add we had been travelling round the North Ireland as one coach but because the weather had been so back the past few days and people couldn’t travel we know. Had two bus loads going all the way down the South Ireland this make it very hard to check in .

So after having a good old kick about on the beach it was time for a shower and a cold beer , we played a few games but everyone wanted to have an early night as the still need to catch up on there sleep . We had an hour the next morning before we move on to our next stop . This was a great time to check out the beach in day light as it been voted the best beach in newzealand and in the top ten in the world voted by lonely planet