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Last stop on the South Ireland this trip is going to be ending soon and what a trip of a life time it’s going to have been and what great things I have manger to do . But I do think that this could of been one of the best days for really meeting and hanging out with New Zealand people . So your wondering what I did . Yes it was a day at sea .

So first up it was time to catch some crayfish we manger to catch 8 but it wasn’t easy on our tiny boat with a full team of 6 plus to skippers ! We then went deeper into the open sea to catch some Fish . That were 82 meters down in the sea .

I throw my first line out with the bate on the end of it . With in a few minutes I had something on the end of it. It was pulling quite hard !! Now the hard work had to be started now as I had a lot of line to pull up . When I had pull it all the way out of the water I was so surprised to see two fish on the end of it . Who said that fishing was hard to do !

After a good couple of hours of fishing it was time to head back to dry land to get the party started . This fisherman took use back to his house . Were we had been greeted with cheese , crackers and dips now this was like heaven for use backpackers. As we haven’t been eating that great on the road !

We then was show how to cook crayfish while it was boiling in the man we all sat around talking and sharing life event with the locals drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers ! This was the high life of been a backpacker . After cooking and cooling the crayfish it was . It was time to eat them !

We eat as many as we could , we couldn’t believe we could doing this knowing that this could be sold on for a great price to restaurant as it on so high demand , we simply had it with a little vinegar. This brought out the flavour So much more . It’s really is nice to eat not like crab it’s a lot more meater then that.

We carried on into the night drinking sing and just learn more about the Newzealand ways . After a good couple of hours we head back to our hostel , it was time to cook the fish we had all cooked . How rewarding this was I mean I have always cooked with fresher products but no way as fresh as this .

We kept it quite simply with a nice quick fresh salad and just cooked the Fish in a little bit of lemon and some chill with the right amount of seasoning . It was just lovely and what a way to nearly end my time on the kiwi bus .

For sure it was the Best all round deal for the experience you got out of all of this ?