Exploring Franz Josef which is nestled in Westland park , passing numerous kettle lakes these are created as glaciers retreat and leave huge chunks of ice behind that melt and the form deep lakes . The glacier is 12 kilometers long and it descends from the southern alps to less than 300 meters above sea levels amidst the temperate rainforest . Which is only three in the world to do this .

So what I did while I was here was to take a ride in a Helicopter to see the glacier and what a way to see all this and what a great way to have some fun in one of these . We then landed on the glacier and took a three hour walk around the glacier learn more about it. It’s was great to see our guide chipping away at the ice to make steps for use. All to walk up and there was load of time to take some wonderful photo of use . Yes we may all look a bit silly in our new clothes they had given use but it was very cold up there. It was well worth the money we payed to see all of this but I must say I haven’t been disappointed in anything that I have done over her .





So after a good but cold time up there it was time to fly back down and do something that was going to make use a little bit warmer . We all went to the hot pool to warm up having three different pool going up to 40 c .This was great to spend some time just chilling over all we had a great day.