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Well were do we start with the wonderful or not so wonderfull Christchurch depending on where you look in some places I guess. As you all know Christchurch had two earthquake which has well and truly but a dent in the biggest city in the South Ireland with over 400,000 living here at the time this had all happened . But my question I ask you where was all these people. I was walking around Queentown and I really didn’t see many people at all.

It was almost like I had work into a film set , or a ghost town . All this buildings around but just no body was here , I kind of got a feeling of what it would of been when the war would of ended . Where people had to look around and see what had happend after it all. You can tell this has been a
beautiful city at one point .

But on the other hand they have brand you city to play with and the can build it how they want now. But for when I was walking round I loved the pop up kind of city they have made all out of shipping containers . I thought it was really great and something different that should bring more people back to the city . Given my a great idea to build a pop up restaurants back in England.

A part from a walk round the city looking at the building and red zone house there isn’t much to do here . It seem to me that this stop is now for the airport stop as most people fly out from here to there next stop usally a different country . So it was just another day were everything was staring to wind down from the trip