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So were are back in Wellington for the last part of my kiwi trip and what a time I have had but it was for sure a great way to end the trip by spending time with my cousins. Getting of the ferry to a face that I knew always going to make life the little better. First stop was a trip to Catriona and Troys place . You wouldn’t believe by this time how much I was looking to a home cooked meal and a nice hot shower . It was just nice to sit on the sofas and watch a film and a very good film at that , The patriot . It was just nice to do something very normally for once . Oh and some where to do a full load of washing . The little things in life you miss .

The big breakfast was up next at lyall bay we headed In the bright shining sun on a hot summer’s day a place you can head for a cuppa For tasty snacks and freshly cooked food Old Maranui now has a cafe inside Her bright red doors are opened up wide A sumptuous selection of Wellington’s finest cake that are all yummy and lovely There is no question we are certain to say The Maranui Cafe makes the best coffee in area and don’t even get me started on the breakfast top Class. So big I couldn’t even finish it , Troy called be a let down for not completing it . Don’t even get me started on the thick shakes there were lovely . Yet again the view we had for eating our breakfast it was beautiful . Was a lovely day catching up with them two so thank you very much for putting me up and looking after me .

It’s was time to see Chris and Lindsay not before having a look round Wellington as they both had to work throught the week .so was great to get to know the city a bit better. So I went to the Botanic Garden, Wellington, New Zealand, covers 25 hectares of land on the side of the hill between Thorndon and Kelburn, near central Wellington.

The garden features 25 hectares of protected native forest, conifers, plant collections and seasonal displays. They also feature a variety of non-native species, including an extensive Rose Garden. It is classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.

The Wellington Cable Car runs between Lambton Quay and the top of the Botanic Garden, and it is the most direct way to get from the top part of the garden to Wellington’s Central Business District. Great views on the way up to it. A lovely walk downhill path to the city and it wasn’t to windy.

Also I still had time to kill so I went for a quick beer with my last friend on the kiwi experiences so then it was off to Upper Hutt, I was proudly the first house guest of Chris and Linsey . What a lovely home they have made here wonderfully for a first time house .

Upper Hutt
Walking maddy

Gardens to walk round
Beer with Ben
Getting to know the city

Home cooked tea !! Lasagne