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Well we have finally hit the place where it’s all happing or so I have been told this is the place for backpackers . Why you ask because this is the place you can do anything and everything ,it’s all happing here so let’s get tucked in to queen town then.

First stop in queen town was the group photo as this is the last stop where most people see to split up as some people fall in love with queen town and stay longer then the four day the kiwi buss say . This was a great moment seeing everyone happy but a sad one in a way knowing that people where going to be moving on all the time now , group where going to get smaller and smaller . So it was time to make sure we all love queen town .

As I had heard so much about this place and most people get suck in to how great it is . I though I would stay for a week to see what’s it’s all about , I must say that in this part of my blog I didn’t do much actives here . I spent a lot of time getting to know the people who I had been travelling with . Which you have guess this mean there was a lot of good partying happing with these people. But to be fair it was great to sit buy the lake each night soaking up the wonderfully views and seeing the sun set . Before we headed out each night to all the bars

So mainly during the day we would have a walk round the town , maybe play a bit of heads and vs just like the good all times with the boys back home . Really just enjoying the place for what it really was we did a few long walk which became hard work in the hot heat sometimes but yes yet again some amazing views but yet again isn’t that what New Zealand is all about . I guess this was the first time we were doing activates all the time so we got more time just to kick back and enjoy been with everyone

I must say there Is one place you should go when in queen town which is fergburger and if you don’t know about it shame on you it’s all over the net about how amazing this place is. You should all come to newzealand just to eat a burger it’s that good . It is know to have the best burgers in the world , yes I know how can a place be the best for something so simply as a burger but until you have tyre it you can not comment . The burgers were just class , if you are like and wonder how the made it different you didn’t have to look to fair to be surprised as it was so simply.

They use fresh baked bread cakes with nice juice burger with a few herbs in the burger , with some nice fresh salad and something so easy as using a chutney , bring all the key ingredients you starting to be on to a winner . Cook it well and people will come for it . This place has only been open 14 years and people are coming from all over the world to try it, You then build up a name for your self and you can charge what you like for these burgers . Plus the name is that well know there , a minimum of a 20 minute Waite every time for a burger . Yes people Waite that time for this burger it’s simply that good .

I guess what makes this burger even better is that you waited so Long for it and it’s been talked about the whole trip down to here. but then you can take it away to any where you want but most people seat at the lake and enjoy your burger with a view . That people would pay through there leg to have it in a restaurant. With a view like that.As you can see everyone was just getting stuck into them and loving them. You haven’t been to Queentown if you haven’t had a burger .

But for me on day stood of from the rest and that was the 17 march also know as paddy’s day. Well all wanted to do something that we could remember and look back on and say yep on this date we did something amazing , but what could we do that was up there with skygdives , whitewater rafting and caves .There was only one thing we could do now new Zealand’s highest Bungy at 134 meters ! Let me tell you it’s one hell of a way to start the day . The feeling you get when your free falling not knowing when the rope is going to pull .its just amazing and that why I had to do a Bungy while I was here it be rude not to.would be great to start the day off like this all the time. For sure you would all ways be awake after it.

After we had all done the jumps there was only one thing to do and that was to drink on paddy’s day . What a day of fun this became even singing on the streets with busker . This is going to be hard to ever beat paddy’s day again .

But I must say what a great place queen town is . I could tell everything I did but we could be here for weeks lets just say queen town know how to party hard . It’s like going to fresher week back at the local uni’s it will break you after a week and you will get fresher flu or in New Zealand the call it queen town flu , by the end of my time I was nearly a broken man and time to get out of this place .