Early bloody start 630 after another late night out in town . we had to be on the bus to catch the ferry to the South Ireland which was to leave at 9 am but we were delayed and didn’t leave the port till 11:30 .

This just meant that everyone who was on our bus just crashed out on the floor space around them and went to sleep for as long as possibly , plus this was all so a three and half joinery so this turned In to a very long day for all of use .

Coming in to the South Ireland on the boat was lovely and the views were just breath taking I thought the north Ireland look nice . Well the South Ireland just blows you away with how green and hill it all is .

We just had one stop on the way through which was at Nelson and that was only for a bite to eat ,we jump back on the bus drove for a couple more hours then end up at Kaiteriter which was vote the best beach In New Zealand in 2013

We had bought a football a couple of days ago and thought this would be the best way to enjoy our time after it had bed a long day you don’t often get to play football on the beach ! . It’s was all most like been back home with the boys having a good kick about . That rounds up the north to South Ireland move