On the road again and it’s seem that this is were we start to put a few more hours in on the bus to get to some wonder spots thought . So we arrived in Wellington at 16:00 and we had a. Early start . So me and the boys check in and had a little down time . We then heard that rudimental were in town . So as a last minute thing we thought we would try and get tickets !

We rocked up at the door and got in and what a great night that turn out to be going on to a locally bar after wards . Must say the night life here was very good . And free to going in anywhere not like back home .





Another day another saw head ! But we got on with it and head to see of the lovely people at te papa museum
Can you guess who it was Catriona and Troy great to see them again and have a quick catch up ! With them and for then to tell use were to go on a night out and what to do during the day .

We had a good look round the museum which was great and even better that it was free . As it was such a nice day we thought we would go up mount Victoria . It’s really wasn’t easy to get up there but what lovely views you could see from here .

You can see why so many people like this city as it just looks so lovely from up here as the city is just trapped by mountings . Has to be up there with my top city’s




So we were spending there night here and wanted to go out with a bang so on out last day we try to get a few more things in . First up we went to a film prop set were all The Lord of the rings prop had been made and even stuff form other films . Was great to look around and found out how it was all made but a great shame you were allowed to take photos any were 😦 so can’t show you anything from that’s at all .

We then went to a rugby match at the cake tin ground was a good laugh . But was a little bit gutted they couldn’t fill there stadium . But it was great for a night out and something different to do