This was a travel day , so we didn’t get up to much and just did a few couple of hours walking . We head into Tongariro national park this was were a lot of lord of the rings was filmed we did the taranaki falls walk which was so lovely and great views where every you looked

We then move on to river valley which was another hour to this village , it was very remote but very green . Towering cliffs and bush-clad hills surround also the rangitikei river runs right past the front of the lodge. So great views and very piece full

Now there wasn’t much to do here and we got here late . Plus it was also raining we had a quick walk up the big hill to see the views . We had to get across the river on a pulley system ! Which was all great fun and I have a cracking photo of me pulling a face !

We all so walk up as far as you could go before having to stop because as you weren’t allowed to go past as it was to dangerous !

Then it was back to drinking and playing party game