Taupo was the next step on the map for me and maybe the best day of my life for all the stuff I got up to .

Firstly we did white water rafting which was at a grade 5 this is the highest level you can do any were . I must say it made it all the more fun . Been with all the lads in our boat and have a very fun guide who was trying to get use to fall out as many times made it even better .

There was time were we even got to jump off and float off down stream . This was all done through a frost that’s was just lovely to see.

We even had to go down a 7 meter water fall in the boat which was so good but scary at the same time . We all made it down to the bottom but you were getting sucked in and I fell out .

Of the boat and got sucked under and pull back up and sucked under again at this point it became very scary but I love every minute of it . I pull my self out of the water and move back towards the boat ! And the lads after laughing at me for a while. Help me back in to the boat and carried on . I must say I loved every minutes of it and didn’t think the day could get any better but it did

Mum if your reading this Iam very sorry but I have always wanted to do this . I couldn’t turn down the option of doing a sky dive ! So yes indeed I have now down a sky dive from 16000 ft and I loved every minute of it .

So you get all the lovely gear on and look a little bit silly . You then meet the guy who is going up with you and going to pull the cord !

I was last in to the plain so had to sit on the floor of the plan with my guy . I must say this did mean that I got a lovely view out of the shutter down window . We had a 15 minute which was lovely to see New Zealand from a plan and seeing the green land a head .

Believe it or not I wasn’t scared one bit going up I was just taking the views in . They guy went through a few safety checks then he said that we were going to be the first group to jump out of the plan !! .

The door was open and my legs were hanging out of the plane and the guy said was I ready to do this ? I said yes he pulled my head back and with that we drop in to the air free falling for 1 whole minute . The first ten second felt very weird and it was so cold.

You could feel your cheeks been so cold , In this time I had payed a man to video all of this and to take pictures of me .

The guys told me to try and push the guy who was taking all the photos . This made it so fun which it was . He the pull the cord so we now just floating in the air and start to make our way down to the ground ! I couldn’t stop smiling after it was all over defo the best thing I have done in my life so far .

We then move on to a boat ride which was on then river . Ordering pizza and booze and just having a great night on the river ! .

I also had a great look round the village the next day and bump in to the best McDonald’s of all time !!