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We had a early morning start to the day leaving hot water beach and traveling over the kopu ranges . We stop at karangahake to explore the stunning bush clad gorge .

We then move on to New Zealand world famous village this is because the most popular drink is made her which is called LP it’s a lemon aid really but it made with the paeroa spring water whe stop here for a bite to eat

Our man active for the day was to go caving which was in the Waikato . This was so good I picked to do the black abyss tour which was 5 hours long but in this we got to do , abseiling , tubing , flying fox and water fall climbs and jumps .

We saw these wonderful things called glow worms which catch their prey by hanging web like spindles from the caves . The worms glows brightly to attract the attention of anything . The life of a glow worm is grim thought as the haven’t evolved a mouth so the sole purpose is to reproduce !!

I have got photo of me caving bit there on a cd so will up load at a later date for anyone to see them !