So it’s that time again were I get on the move and meet new people and see a little bit more of New Zealand . So after a couple of hours on the road to the coromandel and seeing so lovely scenery on the way we stop in tairua . This whole traveling is all great fun but not cheap and it’s hard to eat health .

But we are trying to give it our best shop after traveling for must of the morning it was time to do a bit of kayaks . This was a great way to the cathedral cove this took use to some amazing place that couldn’t be reached by road !

It was all great fun and a laugh we even stop off on the beach and had coffee made by the guides . They made you what ever you wanted and yes I had a flat white and it was even better then some of the coffee back home . The hard part about kayaking was try to get off the beach again as the waves were coming on so fast and strong but we got out of it

We then checked in for the night on our hostel and had some lovely fish and chips this gave me time to get to know people more . We then went to hot water beach which is rated as one of the world top ten beaches . So to do hot water beach the tide has to be low and for use this was at 12 at night .

So you have to dig a hole and sit in the hole which fill up and the water is Boiling . It was great at night to do this and just look up at the stars !!