So this is just a quick round up of what I been doing while I have been staying with Paul and Annette in Auckland

Me and Paul went for a walk in to the city and he showed me some dp the lovely green areas that it has to offer we also had to do a bit of shopping for me as I need a rain coat as I wasn’t going to get caught out again ! Plus I need some more sun glasses

We did a lot of walking that day which is good as I haven’t been going to the gym we even stop for an ice coffee it’s a must try on hot day .

The next day I spend catching up with a few people from home and just had a lazy day doing washing ( mum if your reading this I still can’t do any of it ) I also made a chicken stock for Annette , got to make sure I still doing a bit of cooking plus I have been helping out with cooking food , I must say people eat a lot healthy over her .

Yesterday I went to Auckland zoo which is a great little place to spend the day having a look round I really did enjoy it , there was all sorts to see




I also had to meet the don to pick up the rest of my stuff so that I could carry on my trip of new Zealand .
I have also been to the sea life centre over her which was a great half day I must say I love the bike ride I did there and back !