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So after to long days of getting up early it was time for all of use to have a nice sleep in . Then it was time to pack all your stuff up and check out of your room by 10:00 am .

Now the bus wasn’t leaving until 13:30 so this gave use some time to walk round of we wanted it but it was a bit wet !! After our 4 hour trip we had made it back to Auckland were we would be staying for the night . So we all checked in and went up to the roof hot tube ! I just like to add these are not every I have just got lucky were I have been staying !

The night time we joined the Auckland bar crawl which was just like a student night out doing silly games and going to a few cheap bars ! Was all great fun !!

After saying good bye to all my new friends as the had book to do all of the north Ireland and I was just doing a dummy run to see if I like it . I thought I spend the day seeing what Auckland had to offer.

Sky tower was the plan of action this is the Highest building in New Zealand at 220 meter and let me tell you what lovely views you can get . I walked a round all three floor that you could and you know me a guy who loves his food . I had to have coffee and cake and with a views like this it has got to be the best view to date for coffee and cake !!