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6:00 am

When was the last time I got up at this time I can’t quite remembers but I new That it was time for the trip that I wouldn’t for get and I had been waiting for this for a long time . Felling a bit worried as I didn’t know anyone and still wasn’t sure In my mind if I was doing the right thing . I got ready and Annette was so lovely to drop me off at the bus stop .

So I stood in line and jump on this bus that was quite full and asked a guy if I could sit with him. It only turn out that he was another lad who was from that lovely place call Yorkshire ! Which made me feel at home already so as you can tell we got on very well . We were travelling to paihia this would be we was going to stay but we were on route to the bay of Islands .

So after stoping off for morning coffee and to see the pink sheep we carried on and arrived at 12:00 . I must have to say this is when it started to rain . You know that fine missed that soaks you through . The first bit of rain I had seen while I have been .

So while you are on the bus you can pick what trips you wanted to do and I came across this trip that I thought I would like to do . Dolphin Eco which was to go on a boat and see the wild pod of dolphin and the. Hope fully swim with the


But as we went out on the boat we so found out it was so ruff and there was a good chance that we might not even see them . We were lucky to find a pod but as this was out in the open sea and not any where it was shelter we weren’t able to swim with them .

Not sure I would of because it was so ruff and people were been sea sick every were . But Iam a big boy now and didn’t need my mummy and I wasn’t even sick just felt like i would of been . So I thought I would just sit down for a bit !

So after our boat trip it was a quick dash back to jump in the hot tub to warm up and then on to the BBQ that had been out on for the night and not for getting to do the quiz . It was just like been back at home boys me doing a lot of talking and not giving meant answers .

We all stay up and had a few drink before hitting the sack for the night not for getting I was sharing with 7 other people . It’s different and small but clean so you just get on with it !!