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So it’s 830 and I jump in the van with the don for a trip down to Auckland were I will be staying for the night ! Not sure what it’s going to be like staying in a room with 7 different people I don’t know . But we will give it a go . First off I need to find the place

The don drop me off at the train station were i had to work out how to get on to the centre and how to get a ticket , but I must say people are so much more helpfully then at home . A guy showed me what to after I asked him . He said I need to be going to britomart .

Which I did but then it all went wrong from there I try to check in to my room and they wouldn’t let me as it hand be confirmed as it was less the 24 hours a go and the want to check I was book on to my kiwi bus for the next day only to be told by some else that it take 24 hour to sort out !

By this point I was a little worried and had a chat with Hillary and she told me to ring Paul and Annette . These are both friend of the don and Hillary and my uncle back home . I had seem them at the wedding so I new them ,

The were more then happy to help my out which was great Annette pick me up from Auckland and said I could stay as long as I wanted . I tell you what people over here are so lovely .

We sat down had a great chat and then paul walking in from work shocked to see me as it was in planned . Paul was going back out to play tennis so it Annette said she would show me around there lovely village .

We went out and i got to see the beach that’s about 5 minutes form there house . I mean how wired is that when they live in a city . We had a great chat about what I could do in New Zealand and what I should be looking to so while I was in Auckland ! Also had to have a ice cold beers looking out at there lovely views .

15 minutes from the centre of town but you wouldn’t know it just the ideal place for a life style for young people like me . I would also like to add how lovely there house is and how warm and welcome they been to me .

After coming back from our little night trip I wonder if I could look at my email after checking them . I found out I was back on for my trip to the bay of Ireland’s . I said to them you wouldn’t believe it Iam back on the list ! They said it was great and the would take me in the morning.