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7:15 start I thought I was on holiday not back at school !! Know one told me when I singed up for all of this I would be doing early starts ! But the cape Reinga is a full day trip . So the use a white bus on this trip as it is designed especially for the sand condition .

Now this trip was packed full on nature walk which was great to see but we did get a little wet as it didn’t stop raining . But it was still hot so I guess it was nice to walk round not getting all hot and sweaty ! We stop to walk round puketi kauri forest some of these trees are 1000 years old , these trees were once used for boat building .


We then move on and was sat on the coach for another hour in till we stop in taipa where we all got a nice caffeine fix and picked up some lunch !!

Finally after another two hours on a long windy road we reached the famous lighthouse which is at the very tip of New Zealand which look out to the point where the pacific sea meets the Tasman sea . The Maori believe this is were the spirit transcends the land and passes through to the other side




Plus they even had a sign telling you how fair long was from here


After seeing all of this is the wet and windy weather we the move on to te paki stream were the bus drove through it. Till we reach the end and was right in front of the sand dunes . So he stop so we could have a crack at trying to get to the very top of the sand and make our way down on boards ! This was plus class and people you must go and try it !!





After having so much fun and getting the Sand all brushed off we then head back on the bus to see the 90 mile beach . Were top gear have been !! So as you guessed it we drove along the beach all the way having a few stops to take some great snaps along the way ,



So after a very long day there was just one more stop and that was to mangonui for what the called the best fish and chips well I tell you what there were ok but there nowt like back at Home !!