This is not the end just the beginning


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Iist where i have been for the people who are making on the map which I haven’t see any proof of yet bit here we go

Cape Reinga
Bay of Islands
Hot water beach
Waitomo caves
Tongariro national park
River valley
Upper Hutt
Te Anau
Milford sounds
Queens town
Lake tekapo
Fox glacier
Franz Josef
Grey mouth
Upper Hutt

For sure now I can say I have seen all or very close to all of New Zealand and what a wonderful time I had seeing it . The things I have done the people I have become friends . It’s weird to think that this has been a dream for so long but known it’s all happen . I would change it for the world and would tell people to always dream and make those dream come true . Life to short to say what if.

For sure there is still more for any person to do out here if they really want to so I guess the plan now is to find a job a work hard for few months . Take make more dreams come true weather that is in the country or maybe another one .

Let’s just say if I came home tomorrow I would of feel like I would of complete my dream and anything else I do now is just the icing on the cake , also giving me more life experience . So who knows when I will be back I guess I will know when the time is right. I believed this what something I needs to do . For sure I hope I come back a better person all round in all area and can understand people more and there ways of life .

I would also like to thank everyone for there support as this trip has had it ups and downs . So here a list of a few people who have help me along the way

Mum and dad , mama and dada thankyou for understand this was something I need to do and been here for me when I need it .

Kelly thank you for been my big sister and still doing stuff for me even thought I am at the others side of the world

The core group for sticking with me while Iam out here but a big thankyou to someone people who have stood out more and listen to my ups and down dan kemp , mr mossy . J.Nicklin, Gemma pollard and Alex tell me that I have done the right think to move a way for a period of time .

The don (Donald ) and Hillary for making me feel so welcome and giving me a place to call home . Also for taking me to experiences new things like speedway and rugby union

Paul and Annette for giving me a second base to stay in New Zealand and helping me we the kiwi experience and getting that lovely rain coat .

Chris and Lindsay for letting me stay with the for a while and for having the wedding that final made me come over

Catriona and Troy for putting me up and for finding the best pies in Newzealand

So I guess this is all I have to say for now . It’s time to find a job and get saving for that next dream. Just a photo of the trip so far















Lake tekapo


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Tell you what I was ready for this place after the very heavy week of queen town and I never thought I would say this but lake tekapo had no internet, no phone signal, no alcohol and no buzzing town. These were all the things I just wanted to get away from so what a great place to be taken after queen town . It was simply breath taking and just the right place to wind down and be able to have a good night sleep for once Continue reading



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After getting up at 6 am to get this ferry and then been delayed for 3 hours on the ferry people found this the best time to crash out on the floor of the ferry and catch up on the sleep the had lost out on from partying hard at Wellington as it had been a full on time in the city .

We all had lots of fun and maybe it was for the best that the took use to some were more quite as we hit the south Ireland and what a change you can see in the Ireland this is even more of a wonderful place to the north .

It’s even more greener and with even less people living her it’s the place to be as so much of it has been untouched by use humans . I could beat on how wonderfully how this place is , but even photo don’t even come close to see it. All you people who are sat a at thinking this is lovely . Do something right in your live and make that short journey over her. Believe you will thank me in time when you have seen it all and it shows you what England could of been like it we didn’t have loads of people.

We arrived very late at kaiteriter iam talking about 7.00 so we didn’t get offerd much to do and as we been sitting around all day the boys thought it would be great to have a kick around on the beach till the sun went down . I would just like to add we had been travelling round the North Ireland as one coach but because the weather had been so back the past few days and people couldn’t travel we know. Had two bus loads going all the way down the South Ireland this make it very hard to check in .

So after having a good old kick about on the beach it was time for a shower and a cold beer , we played a few games but everyone wanted to have an early night as the still need to catch up on there sleep . We had an hour the next morning before we move on to our next stop . This was a great time to check out the beach in day light as it been voted the best beach in newzealand and in the top ten in the world voted by lonely planet







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So after having a steady day of travelling stoping at some lovely spots on the way, we all had to find our room all the lads were quite lucky as we ended up in our own little flat were it had a tv loads of beds even a kitchen all in one room . Shame we didn’t really get time to use it all . But it was time for my surf lesson. Now I never thought that this was for me . But been with a group of lads I got caught up will it all and said why not let’s give it a go .

Guess what we had so much fun catching waves and yes I even got up on the board even if it was for a few seconds but it’s hard work to get to that stage and after two hours of been out on the water it was time to head back as it was getting dark. But It’s a must do if anyone get the chance to do it. There is know better place to do it then New Zealand it so wonderfully and every where you look it a postcard photo . It’s such a shame I didn’t have any photo of me surfing but a good reason for me to give it another crack at some point .

So after a very quick shower it was time to hit the beach for then bonfire party . Now by this time you really had made a great group of mates so it was just like been back at home . Having a wonderfully time everyone sat around the fire eating hot dogs and singing songs as there always one guy who brings his guitar . But it wasn’t me but it’s was great to see everyone having a drink and just singing along !

I think the fire on the beach just made it for some people and people where just having a great time ! We had to leave the beach by 10 pm as the bus driver hours were just about up but this is just where the party started . As we got on to the bus the tunes were been smashed out and everyone was having a great time singing a long to all the good songs

So let’s just say the party carried on back at the locally bar and it see everyone was having a great night even thought we had another early start on the cards tomorrow ! It’s such a same they didn’t tell use how great this place really was !. For sure we would of stay longer if we new it was going to be a great place to surf and just chill out and take in the lovely south Ireland . You seem to do so much in a day it’s unreally






Kaikoura a day at sea


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Last stop on the South Ireland this trip is going to be ending soon and what a trip of a life time it’s going to have been and what great things I have manger to do . But I do think that this could of been one of the best days for really meeting and hanging out with New Zealand people . So your wondering what I did . Yes it was a day at sea .

So first up it was time to catch some crayfish we manger to catch 8 but it wasn’t easy on our tiny boat with a full team of 6 plus to skippers ! We then went deeper into the open sea to catch some Fish . That were 82 meters down in the sea .

I throw my first line out with the bate on the end of it . With in a few minutes I had something on the end of it. It was pulling quite hard !! Now the hard work had to be started now as I had a lot of line to pull up . When I had pull it all the way out of the water I was so surprised to see two fish on the end of it . Who said that fishing was hard to do !

After a good couple of hours of fishing it was time to head back to dry land to get the party started . This fisherman took use back to his house . Were we had been greeted with cheese , crackers and dips now this was like heaven for use backpackers. As we haven’t been eating that great on the road !

We then was show how to cook crayfish while it was boiling in the man we all sat around talking and sharing life event with the locals drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers ! This was the high life of been a backpacker . After cooking and cooling the crayfish it was . It was time to eat them !

We eat as many as we could , we couldn’t believe we could doing this knowing that this could be sold on for a great price to restaurant as it on so high demand , we simply had it with a little vinegar. This brought out the flavour So much more . It’s really is nice to eat not like crab it’s a lot more meater then that.

We carried on into the night drinking sing and just learn more about the Newzealand ways . After a good couple of hours we head back to our hostel , it was time to cook the fish we had all cooked . How rewarding this was I mean I have always cooked with fresher products but no way as fresh as this .

We kept it quite simply with a nice quick fresh salad and just cooked the Fish in a little bit of lemon and some chill with the right amount of seasoning . It was just lovely and what a way to nearly end my time on the kiwi bus .

For sure it was the Best all round deal for the experience you got out of all of this ?













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Well were do we start with the wonderful or not so wonderfull Christchurch depending on where you look in some places I guess. As you all know Christchurch had two earthquake which has well and truly but a dent in the biggest city in the South Ireland with over 400,000 living here at the time this had all happened . But my question I ask you where was all these people. I was walking around Queentown and I really didn’t see many people at all.

It was almost like I had work into a film set , or a ghost town . All this buildings around but just no body was here , I kind of got a feeling of what it would of been when the war would of ended . Where people had to look around and see what had happend after it all. You can tell this has been a
beautiful city at one point .

But on the other hand they have brand you city to play with and the can build it how they want now. But for when I was walking round I loved the pop up kind of city they have made all out of shipping containers . I thought it was really great and something different that should bring more people back to the city . Given my a great idea to build a pop up restaurants back in England.

A part from a walk round the city looking at the building and red zone house there isn’t much to do here . It seem to me that this stop is now for the airport stop as most people fly out from here to there next stop usally a different country . So it was just another day were everything was staring to wind down from the trip









Milford sounds


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Milford sound I have been told it’s a must see place while I was done on the South Ireland , so I wasn’t going to pass on not going to see it. I must say that this became a very Long trip to get to Milford sound it takes about four hours by bus to get down to it all on winding roads which isn’t great to be doing after your first night out in queen town . An early start of 7 am really didn’t help the two of use that was going on the trip but for sure when we got going we truly understand why people said its a must go. The stunning view on the way down to the boat must of been some of the best views I have seen to date . This is why it has been recently ranked as the world most beautiful place in the world .

The lakes just blow me away with all of the mountains reflection in the lakes . I think what made this drive even more specially is that you have to drive through the mountains to get to Milford sounds it self . We then got on an unforgettable two hour boat ride throught the sound exploring soaring peaks towering water fall which were flowing so well as the had bad weather the last two day but we had stunning day with blue sky’s. This has to be New Zealand nature at its best for sure.

As iam not to great with word and writing a lot I going to show you the photo I have taken for this bit and hope they are going to do a little bit of what it really is like

















Franz Josef



Exploring Franz Josef which is nestled in Westland park , passing numerous kettle lakes these are created as glaciers retreat and leave huge chunks of ice behind that melt and the form deep lakes . The glacier is 12 kilometers long and it descends from the southern alps to less than 300 meters above sea levels amidst the temperate rainforest . Which is only three in the world to do this .

So what I did while I was here was to take a ride in a Helicopter to see the glacier and what a way to see all this and what a great way to have some fun in one of these . We then landed on the glacier and took a three hour walk around the glacier learn more about it. It’s was great to see our guide chipping away at the ice to make steps for use. All to walk up and there was load of time to take some wonderful photo of use . Yes we may all look a bit silly in our new clothes they had given use but it was very cold up there. It was well worth the money we payed to see all of this but I must say I haven’t been disappointed in anything that I have done over her .





So after a good but cold time up there it was time to fly back down and do something that was going to make use a little bit warmer . We all went to the hot pool to warm up having three different pool going up to 40 c .This was great to spend some time just chilling over all we had a great day.

Windy Welligton


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So were are back in Wellington for the last part of my kiwi trip and what a time I have had but it was for sure a great way to end the trip by spending time with my cousins. Getting of the ferry to a face that I knew always going to make life the little better. First stop was a trip to Catriona and Troys place . You wouldn’t believe by this time how much I was looking to a home cooked meal and a nice hot shower . It was just nice to sit on the sofas and watch a film and a very good film at that , The patriot . It was just nice to do something very normally for once . Oh and some where to do a full load of washing . The little things in life you miss .

The big breakfast was up next at lyall bay we headed In the bright shining sun on a hot summer’s day a place you can head for a cuppa For tasty snacks and freshly cooked food Old Maranui now has a cafe inside Her bright red doors are opened up wide A sumptuous selection of Wellington’s finest cake that are all yummy and lovely There is no question we are certain to say The Maranui Cafe makes the best coffee in area and don’t even get me started on the breakfast top Class. So big I couldn’t even finish it , Troy called be a let down for not completing it . Don’t even get me started on the thick shakes there were lovely . Yet again the view we had for eating our breakfast it was beautiful . Was a lovely day catching up with them two so thank you very much for putting me up and looking after me .

It’s was time to see Chris and Lindsay not before having a look round Wellington as they both had to work throught the week .so was great to get to know the city a bit better. So I went to the Botanic Garden, Wellington, New Zealand, covers 25 hectares of land on the side of the hill between Thorndon and Kelburn, near central Wellington.

The garden features 25 hectares of protected native forest, conifers, plant collections and seasonal displays. They also feature a variety of non-native species, including an extensive Rose Garden. It is classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.

The Wellington Cable Car runs between Lambton Quay and the top of the Botanic Garden, and it is the most direct way to get from the top part of the garden to Wellington’s Central Business District. Great views on the way up to it. A lovely walk downhill path to the city and it wasn’t to windy.

Also I still had time to kill so I went for a quick beer with my last friend on the kiwi experiences so then it was off to Upper Hutt, I was proudly the first house guest of Chris and Linsey . What a lovely home they have made here wonderfully for a first time house .

Upper Hutt
Walking maddy

Gardens to walk round
Beer with Ben
Getting to know the city

Home cooked tea !! Lasagne








Was it Queentown or fergbuger I fell in love with


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Well we have finally hit the place where it’s all happing or so I have been told this is the place for backpackers . Why you ask because this is the place you can do anything and everything ,it’s all happing here so let’s get tucked in to queen town then.

First stop in queen town was the group photo as this is the last stop where most people see to split up as some people fall in love with queen town and stay longer then the four day the kiwi buss say . This was a great moment seeing everyone happy but a sad one in a way knowing that people where going to be moving on all the time now , group where going to get smaller and smaller . So it was time to make sure we all love queen town .

As I had heard so much about this place and most people get suck in to how great it is . I though I would stay for a week to see what’s it’s all about , I must say that in this part of my blog I didn’t do much actives here . I spent a lot of time getting to know the people who I had been travelling with . Which you have guess this mean there was a lot of good partying happing with these people. But to be fair it was great to sit buy the lake each night soaking up the wonderfully views and seeing the sun set . Before we headed out each night to all the bars

So mainly during the day we would have a walk round the town , maybe play a bit of heads and vs just like the good all times with the boys back home . Really just enjoying the place for what it really was we did a few long walk which became hard work in the hot heat sometimes but yes yet again some amazing views but yet again isn’t that what New Zealand is all about . I guess this was the first time we were doing activates all the time so we got more time just to kick back and enjoy been with everyone

I must say there Is one place you should go when in queen town which is fergburger and if you don’t know about it shame on you it’s all over the net about how amazing this place is. You should all come to newzealand just to eat a burger it’s that good . It is know to have the best burgers in the world , yes I know how can a place be the best for something so simply as a burger but until you have tyre it you can not comment . The burgers were just class , if you are like and wonder how the made it different you didn’t have to look to fair to be surprised as it was so simply.

They use fresh baked bread cakes with nice juice burger with a few herbs in the burger , with some nice fresh salad and something so easy as using a chutney , bring all the key ingredients you starting to be on to a winner . Cook it well and people will come for it . This place has only been open 14 years and people are coming from all over the world to try it, You then build up a name for your self and you can charge what you like for these burgers . Plus the name is that well know there , a minimum of a 20 minute Waite every time for a burger . Yes people Waite that time for this burger it’s simply that good .

I guess what makes this burger even better is that you waited so Long for it and it’s been talked about the whole trip down to here. but then you can take it away to any where you want but most people seat at the lake and enjoy your burger with a view . That people would pay through there leg to have it in a restaurant. With a view like that.As you can see everyone was just getting stuck into them and loving them. You haven’t been to Queentown if you haven’t had a burger .

But for me on day stood of from the rest and that was the 17 march also know as paddy’s day. Well all wanted to do something that we could remember and look back on and say yep on this date we did something amazing , but what could we do that was up there with skygdives , whitewater rafting and caves .There was only one thing we could do now new Zealand’s highest Bungy at 134 meters ! Let me tell you it’s one hell of a way to start the day . The feeling you get when your free falling not knowing when the rope is going to pull .its just amazing and that why I had to do a Bungy while I was here it be rude not to.would be great to start the day off like this all the time. For sure you would all ways be awake after it.

After we had all done the jumps there was only one thing to do and that was to drink on paddy’s day . What a day of fun this became even singing on the streets with busker . This is going to be hard to ever beat paddy’s day again .

But I must say what a great place queen town is . I could tell everything I did but we could be here for weeks lets just say queen town know how to party hard . It’s like going to fresher week back at the local uni’s it will break you after a week and you will get fresher flu or in New Zealand the call it queen town flu , by the end of my time I was nearly a broken man and time to get out of this place .